welcome to our logo guideline

Please find below the characteristics of the ZPoin logo and mark. In the meantime, you can always download the complete set.

This is an Illustrator-PDF file that can be open in AI with all features.

Primary colors

The major blue

This is ZPoin’s leading color, and should be the tone that represents your company in most cases. This means your uniforms should bear this color  

The darker blue

This is merely a darker version of your primary blue. It should be used in cases where the first blue does not come out as strong, or for printed background, hence the white lettering would come out better and more powerful. 

Secondary & accent colors

The orange highlight

The Orange Highlight is a complementary color that will intensify the presence of your brand in some instances. This color should rarely use more than 7% of your overall artwork. On web, it can be used for a button. 

Logo on color background

Our lockup can be presented on various background. we will ensure the contrast is relevant. It shall either be white or blue, so that we can clearly identify our brand. You can use a dark gradient with the two colors, should you want to highlight a feature on your design. 

Logo on image

Should you need to place the logo on an image, please ensure that the logo is readable; hence if the image is dark, as per example, use the white logo. Reversly, you will use a blue logo on light image.  


The logo uses the font Montserrat. This is also the font that will be used for large headers and sub-headers.

You will use all-caps for headers and sub-headers.  

For body text, we suggest to use Helvetica Neue for prints, and simple Helvetica for web text